Author: Laleen Sukhera

Publisher: Bloomsbury India

Genre: Short stories

Rating: 3.2/5

So after a long hiatus, thanks to changing weather giving me surprise gifts in the form of cold and fever, I am back to writing another blog on a book that was massively spoken about. I am not much of a classic lover though; however I faintly remember reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice during my literature classes. Austenistan is a compilation of seven short stories talking about women indirectly attempting to shun the webs of hypocrisy and finding ways and means to fulfil their desires as well as enjoying their freedom.

Austenistan is inspired by the works of Jane Austen and begins with a foreword by Caroline Jane knight. In a society filled with all kinds of wrong perception towards women Austenistan showcases women characters who are breaking the shackles of monotony to strongly showcase their individuality. If you have read Jane Austen’s work then you will easily relate with this book.

It is rightly said that a woman has many faces as she moulds herself in each character with ease. The protagonist in each story is a woman who has a goes through a whirlwind of emotions in search of her identity, in search of her unfulfilled desires, in search of her fears and more importantly in search of love and freedom.

The stories are set across different cities in Pakistan and hence you can feel the warmth of the culture. Each story begins with a quote from Jane Austen’s book and hence you get a hang of what’s going to follow. However, I feel some stories stay static and some go a little overboard thereby breaking the link with the story. While some stories make you smirk with sarcasm some are overly dragged compelling you into moving over to the next chapter.

The story that I personally loved with was EMAAN EVER AFTER. Nevertheless, this book is a treat for Jane Austen fans, however, refrain from comparing with the classic. If you are in for some sassy women and some serious witty remarks then Austenistan is here to give you some company.


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