Author: Perumal Murugan

Publisher: Juggernaut

Ratings: 4/5

If you are a crackerjack at what it means to read between the lines then this book is sure to be one of your favourites. After Wise and Otherwise by Sudha Murty, this is my second book in line to be a compilation of short stories highlighting exemplary situations. While the stories in Wise and Otherwise were quite easy to understand, here, in this book you need to put a little stress on your brain nerves.

The most magical thing about this book is that, the moment you get connected with one story and its characters, you instantly move to another chapter showcasing a different place, time zone, characters and so on. This book speaks about human relations, human behaviour, love, envy, anger through its stories. In one way or other we instantly connect with one or the other character virtues.

There are stories that make you feel guilty or at times they take us back in time and activate your thought process. Some stories hit you like poisoned sarcasm while some make you laugh till you cry. The metaphor used in these stories is hard hitting and takes you deep inside your own soul to evaluate your perception about people and the world.

What’s more in store are the different characters and how a story perfectly revolves around them. For example in MUSICAL CHAIRS, the characters are obsessed over a chair and how their relationship faces the highs and lows with the mere presence of the chair. It reveals the fact as to how we as humans are mean in life and how we keep relations at stake for things that mean nothing.

While in THE WELL, you try to relate to the adversaries a human faces in various mediums of life. Whether that be societal pressure, caste, creed, religion and how it has deteriorated the very virtue of humanity. The most alluring part of the book is its quirky language and a unique way of story narration. The secret is always behind the curtain till you reach the end. As a reader you are constantly surprised with the turn of each page.

Very few translated books actually impress me but this book has instantly reached the top of my book list. For people who love to unravel the mysteries of human world with utmost simplicity then this is a highly recommended book. If you bump into this master piece anywhere, do not like JUST DO NOT think twice before picking it up.



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