RATING: 4.5/5

I recently finished a magnificent and thought compelling book named WISE AND OTHERWISE written by Sudha Murty. WISE AND OTHERWISE is a collection of stories with which you easily connect at one of the other stage. This golden collection of fifty-one stories leave you spellbound as you unravel a new chapter of your own life with the turn of each page. To add to it, many of the chapters are personal experiences of the author and hence we too at some point of life have been directly or indirectly a part of such situations.

The most engrossing part of this book is the use of simple language which can be understood by readers belonging to all age groups. Words used in required amount leave a deep impact on a reader’s mind and soul and this book does exactly the same. All the stories are narrated in a simple format sans the use of any ostentatious colloquy. Each story has been controlled till two to three pages and hence you crave to read more and more of it. This has also helped to maintain the essence of the book.

Each story has its own unique beginning and ends with a very important message. Please do not be under the impression that each story has a sad ending. On the other hand, these stories are a bunch of mixed emotions and hence at times you cry, laugh, and get angry, feel obnoxious and a lot more. Many a times while reading through these stories you feel that you have been in similar situations or might fall in similar situations and thereby feel the warmth of each story.

Who says you need to have someone in an iron suit or a fancy set up to be tagged as a hero? That is the magic of this book for each hero in these stories is a human next door. In the hassles of life we fail to realize that people whom we see for a flick of a second and work silently are the true heroes. With the turn of each page you unravel a part of yourself as this book takes you on an alluring ride across India right from ultra metro cities to remote villages. Whether you are new to the world of reading or if you are an avid reader, this book is a must on your bookshelves.



  1. This is the bokk which introduced me to English literature. Though it’s not a “classic” per say, I have cherished my very old edition of this book. I have enjoyed it a lot. Since then i have read almost everything by Sudha Murthy which is available in English, except Bakula and a couple of recent publications.

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